This show features select moments from Sean's performance in Turning Tricks.


The Stage Mentalism performance couples Sean’s love for entertaining people with his fascination with the mysteries of the human mind. Combining clever skills of magic, comedy, suggestion and mind control, Sean takes audiences on a journey through their own minds in an unbelievable way. 


It’s not a heavy show, as much of the performance involves audience members and their thoughts – so anything can (and will) happen. Perfectly suited for after-dinner entertainment, either on stage or on the house floor, at events ranging from Awards Nights to Corporate Dinners and Functions. The show is highly professional, completely unique and nothing like your typical magic show. 


Imagine being able to tell if someone is lying just by looking at their body language; being able to tell what someone is thinking just by staring into their eyes; and having the ability to predict events that are yet to occur. Witness the impossible and unbelievable this unique performance.


This show typically runs between 15 and 30 minutes in length, and can be adapted for many different settings. This performance can also be combined with the Close-Up Magic performance for a full evening’s entertainment.



*This performance is best suited for audiences 15 years and over.